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Here are some pictures of some of my rock work projects

These photos were taken in the Harbour at French Creek.

The first photo shows the  picture of the  harbour armored with rip rap .  This is followed by photos of the rock wall being built from the same rock used as rip rap.  This almost vertical wall increases both the navigable areas close to the wall and increases the available land above the wall.



Existing rip rap beside boat ramp

Start of rock wall construction

Building the base for the salt water habitat benches

Rock wall detail



This project enabled safer pedestrian and motor access to the arms of the breakwater.

Comox Harbour

The project in the Harbour at Comox created more usable space on the causeway, for easier access and more parking , which opened up the Harbour to tourists and fishermen alike.



Comox Harbour before the rock wall construction

Rock being placed for retaining wall

a different view

The rock retaining wall completed

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